Using the TPM to Monitor the Security and Health of the PC Boot Environment

With the influx of laptops, smartphones, and tablets joining the corporate WiFi, IT managers have realized that traditional perimeter security isn’t enough to prevent data leakage. The sheer amount of applications, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, has become unmanageable and is getting worse every day. In this environment, corporate IT relies heavily on behavioral anomaly detection, that is, the ability to spot anomalies or changes to the benchmarked traffic on their corporate networks. With advanced persistent threats (APTs) appearing as normal traffic, new malware often goes completely unnoticed for long periods of time and causes severe damage in the form of infected systems and data loss.

US Version: 03-000290.2.02
UK Version: A4-UK-03-000290.2.02
Date Created: 9-14-2011
Last Updated: 10-15-2012


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