Wave has determined Intel RST driver version 12.6 will not allow Embassy Security Center to detect a self-encrypting drive.


Applies To: 

Embassy Security Center with Intel RST Driver version 12.6

Check your driver version:
  • Open Windows Device Manager, expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller"
  • Right click on the Intel Controller and select Properties.
  • Under the Driver tab, check version. If 12.6 version is displayed, upgrade the driver

Update driver:

  • Navigate to the download for this updated driver here
  • Run the upgrade to the driver
  • Reboot the system
  • Launch ESC TDE and confirm the SED management is available.

NOTE:  For Dell systems, Insure that Dell provided client software Dell Data Protection ST (DDP ST) is removed.  This software is not be installed in conjunction with the ESC TDE client software package.