Fingerprint (biometric authentication) fails at a screen requesting Pre-Windows authentication. 


Applies To: 
Dell Data Protection | Access versions 2.0.X, 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 2.3.X installed on:
Latitude Series: E4300, E4310, E4320, E5410, E5420, E5420m, E5430, E5510, E5520, E5520m, E5530, E6220, E6230, E6320, E6330, E6400 (ATG, XFR), E6410, E6410 (ATG), E6420 (ATG, XFR), E6430, E6430s, 6430U, E6500, E6510, E6520, E6530
Precision Mobile Workstations: M2400, M4400, M4500, M4600, M4700, M6400, M6500, M6600, M6700
Precision Desktops: R5500, T1500, T1600, T1650, T3500, T3600, T5500, T5600, T7500, T7600
Optiplex Workstations: 380, 580, 760, 765, 780, 790, 960, 980, 990, 9810, 7010, 9010, XE
Tablets: ST2, ST2E, XT3



Access the machine with the BIOS password, clear current biometrics and re-enroll fingerprints for use with Pre-Windows authentication.

Step 1:   Use your System password for authentication.

During enrollment for Pre-Windows authentication in Dell Data Protection|Access, a System password must be created. To authenticate without biometrics, press ESC (escape key) and ENTER and then type in the System password (no characters will appear on the screen).
If an Admin password has been set it can be substituted for the System password.

If the System or Admin password is unknown and authentication to your computer with biometrics fails, you will need to contact Dell Support at 1-800-873-1420 to have a master password generated.  Please inform Dell the BIOS password is not being accepted and request a reset. The master password will allow the computer to be accessed and the System/Admin password to be reset.

If you purchased your system used, and it came with the System password set, you will need to transfer ownership of the system before you contact Dell.

Step 2:   Use DDP|A or Dell BIOS to clear your System password to disable Pre-Windows authentication.

  • Use DDP|A to disable Pre-Windows authentication.
  1. Open DDP|A.
    Select Start > All Programs > Dell > Dell Data Protection > Access > Access
  2. Select Pre-Windows Login ‘Change password’.
  3. Enter the existing Pre-Windows password and select Verify.
  4. Once verified, leave the new password fields blank and select Save.

Pre-Windows authentication is now disabled.

  • Use Dell BIOS to disable Pre-Windows authentication.
  1. Reboot the machine and press F2 at the Dell BIOS Splash Screen.
  2. Enter the System or Admin Password to access the BIOS settings.
  3. Navigate to Security > Passwords.
  4. Select System Password. Enter the old System password, leave the new password fields blank and select OK.
  5. The System Password status will change to ‘Not Set’.
  6. Repeat the previous steps for Hard Drive Password if one is set.
  7. If you accessed the machine with the BIOS Admin password and the System password is unknown:
    1. Select Admin Password.
    2. Select Unlock; enter the Admin password and OK.
    3. Enter the old Admin password, leave the new password fields blank and select OK.
    4. The Admin and System Password status will change to ‘Not Set’.
  8. Exit the BIOS settings and boot into Windows. Pre-Windows authentication is now disabled.

Step 3:   Use Dell Data Protection|Access to re-enroll biometrics for Pre-Windows authentication.


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