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Dropbox is a widely used cloud-based storage platform that is now the target of security researcher scrutiny, as user data privacy is being called into question.
Joseph Souren, VP and GM EMEA of Wave Systems, examines data privacy legislation and presents a compelling case for how current security - built on proprietary layers of software - is proving i
eSignSystems is supporting and is in full compliance with recently published guidelines by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allowing electronic signatures on common mortgage origination documents
According to the research, a huge 91% of employers use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to screen candidates. A further:
The insurance industry has always been paper-bound. Each policy sold is a contract; and although intangible, the promise behind each contract is legally binding.
Recently, Intel released their latest Solid-State Drives (SSDs), the SSD Pro 2500 Series. This new release is targeted towards business users.
PROGRESS in Lending celebrates two years in operation this July. It’s been a labor of love. A lot has changed in the mortgage industry in the past two years and more changes are coming.
Kelly Purcell — Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales — eSignSystems, a division of Wave Systems Corp. — Lee, Massachusetts
The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined UK public sector bodies more
One of the latest challenge for the heads of IT departments is how to secure sensitive company information that employees have shared or stored on public clouds without their knowledge, permission