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As cautious as some people are about their web browsing habits, they throw that caution to the wind when it comes to managing their passwords.
The breach of cardholder data for 40 million Target
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined UK public sector bodies more than £2m in 2012 for inadequate data handling practices.
In a discussion chaired Derek Brink, VP and research fellow from the Aberdeen Group, the panel provided a brief crash course on the concept of ‘trusted computing’ and examined reasons why industry
In 2008, an unencrypted laptop went missing from the car of a worker at Barnabas Health, New Jersey's largest health care system.
Perhaps Apple was hoping nobody would notice the somewhat subtle changes in the language on its "Why you'll love a Mac" webpage.
According to Forrester's recently launched 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends repor
Fresh Business Thinking, an online UK-based publication geared towards business owners, directors and entrepreneurs, recently picked up an article crafted by Wave's Boudewijn Kiljan who of