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As social media networks have become more prevalent, so have companies’ concerns about privacy.
Windows 8 is a major step forward for Microsoft, but one it has to take in order to stay relevant in a world where the PC has become a peer among a multitude of devices.
SED means that instead of relying on the host processor and software for full-disk encryption (FDE), the encryption is done purely by the drive
Since 2006, many new computing devices have been sold with a built-in trusted platform module chip,
Aware that consumer data is compromised in massive data breaches in what seems like every other week, Mr. Bradley explores what companies should expect and how they can prevent data breaches.
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Mention security and big-name f
In their search for insight from industry thought leaders, Government Computer News recently sought out Wave Systems regarding the demands surrounding mobile security credentials in the go
Social media is taking up more and more of our time, both at home and work.