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Wave Systems, a pioneer in enabling Self Encrypted Drives (SEDs), is furthering network support of self-encrypted storage devices.  In August the company announced cloud-based management for SEDs w
Following Micron’s PR announcement (Partner News: Micron Technology, Wave Syste
Wave Systems Corp. of Lee, MA has announced it is partnering with chip lifecycle management solutions company, Bell ID, to offer a joint solution aimed at reducing online payment fraud.
Wave's CTO Greg Kazmierczak chimes in on the latest high-profile attack - an unclassified White House network breach.  Greg added: " Even after shutting down part of the network, there would still
Windows 8 has been around long enough now for any small business considering the upgrade to know if it's a good fit for them.
Malware is becoming harder to detect using traditional security tools.
When the Stuxnet virus caused centrifuges to malfunction at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reprocessing facility last year, it put cyber security officials around the world on notice that a new, more dange
The FBI recently published a report warning of the dangers posed by social-network sites that it says are being exploited by digital "con artists, criminals and other dishonest actors."