A Legacy Product

The Wave Systems' Private Information Manager (PIM) is a legacy product. It was a feature in the EMBASSY Trust Suite and EMBASSY Security Center. Full support for this product is available in our Customer Support Center and Wave continues to improve and refine our products to meet your PC security needs

Private Information Manager was included in:

  • Dell EMBASSY Trust Suite versions 2.1 - 2.2.3 and - for Vista and XP 32-bit OS
  • Enterprise EMBASSY Trust Suite versions 5.2 – 7.5 for Vista and XP 32-bit OS
  • Acer EMBASSY Trust Suite versions 7.3.4 for Vista and XP 32-bit OS
  • Dell Control Point Versions 1.2 – 1.4.x for Vista , XP and Windows 7 32-bit OS
  • Dell Data Protection|Access 2.0.x – 2.2 for Vista, XP and Windows 7 32- and 64-bit OS

Private Information Manager

As Internet-based communication and commerce usage continues to grow in the business world, business users need the assurance that their data and transactions are protected. To support this need, the personal computing industry is committed to a transition toward trustworthy computing. Today's inherently insecure PC is morphing into tomorrow's secure PC that will offer a range of trusted services for users.

Wave Systems' Private Information Manager is a trusted application that keeps confidential personal information secure. Beyond security, Private Information Manager adds the convenience to working online that is demanded by everyday business operations. Private Information Manager features a password manager for securely storing and automatically retrieving web-based login information. Additionally, users can store sensitive personal and credit card information safely for user-managed filling or automatic filling of online forms.

Private Information Manager is compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications and runs on TCG enabled computers as implemented by major chip vendors and PC manufacturers. The Trusted Computing Group has defined a device known as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The role of a TPM is to provide protected storage, platform authentication, protected cryptographic processes and attestable state capabilities which offer the initial level of trust for the computing platform. Private Information Manager uses these resources to extend trusted functions beyond the platform. Implementation to TCG standards allows Private Information Manager to be interoperable with trusted platforms from any trusted platform PC manufacturer.

Key Features: 

Private Information Manager secures private and sensitive information using the TPM and simplifies Internet use with the following features:

  • Secure Password Wallet — Intelligent capture of usernames and passwords for websites. Secure storage with a user-friendly interface for managing website favorites and login information. Favorites also display in Internet Explorer when running Private Information Manager.
  • Auto Login — Intelligent retrieval and entry of usernames and passwords for website login. Private Information Manager can manage hundreds of different Internet addresses, usernames and passwords.
  • Secure Personal Information Wallet — Personal and credit card information, securely stored by Private Information Manager on the PC for easy access. The owner controls the storage, access, and use of all information saved in the wallet.
  • Auto Form Fill — Quick click-and-fill for online forms using the wallet information. Private Information Manager speeds data entry and improves accuracy when filling online forms.
  • Customizable — Preferences allow selected features to be disabled or enabled to happen automatically or via a prompt. Features such as startup, logout, website login, form fill, and more may be customized.
  • Portable — A secure copy of all Private Information Manager data for replication on additional TPM-enabled PCs. Any media such as USB pen drive, floppy disk, CD, or network drive may be used to transport data. After running a simple restore procedure, your data may be utilized at any computer with Private Information Manager installed.
  • Secure Backup — A secure backup of data that is locked to the original TPM and can be stored on any media.
Key Benefits: 
  • Secure Storage of Personal Information — Private Information Manager uses the TPM to provide hardware based protection of user data.
  • Username and Password Management — Private Information Manager retrieves the correct usernames and passwords when needed. The user may opt to be prompted each time Private Information Manager detects a saved favorite.
  • Fast and Accurate Automatic Form Fill — Private Information Manager automatically retrieves the correct data to fill web based forms. Users can configure Private Information Manager to prompt each time data is to be accessed. The user retains complete control over the use of data.