Key Transfer Manager (KTM) is a key archive system for end-users and enterprises that need a simple, yet fully featured method to securely archive, restore and transfer keys having migratable properties that are secured by the TPM. For hardware malfunction or for system replacement, KTM provides the assurance to end-users and system managers that TPM recovery will be complete and timely.


  • Platform Restore & Transfer — Whether a single key is restored to the original PC, or all migratable keys are transferred to a new PC, Key Transfer Manager's one-click restore procedure is effortless. For a transfer, the user points to the archive files for the original PC and one click completes the key migration to the new PC. Any and all certificates associated with keys are also included.
  • Advanced Functions — Beyond the primary functions, Key Transfer Manager's advanced operations include viewing, archiving and migrating individual key data. Advanced users and administrators gain information on TPM keys and may perform single key operations as needed.
  • Protection of Secured Data — KTM offers advantages beyond currently available solutions by giving the user a straightforward method to ensure protection against loss of secured data. The business user is satisfied that TPM-secured intellectual property assets are secure and recoverable.
  • Clear Messaging — Key Transfer Manager provides messages to the end-user about the status of the archive or restoration process. The easy-to-understand messaging gives the user continued confidence in their system's archive status.


  • Increases Productivity — Faster and more complete recovery during times of TPM malfunction, platform upgrades and application-based key restoration.
  • Reduces Support — Removes the difficulty to restore and transfer TPM keys and associated data and produces dramatic results in employee uptime and reduced support costs.
  • Maintains Security — Key archives are secured with a user-chosen password. Additionally, the separation of the security file from the key archive file maintains the security of the critical key information.
  • Easy to Implement and Use — After a one-time setup to choose an archive location, one mouse click archives all supported keys. Keys are archived in any location such as a flash drive, network, floppy, etc. An automatic detection feature keeps user involvement to a minimum as keys are automatically archived immediately after they are created.

Technical Specifications

  • Trusted Computing Group (TCG) compliant Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, XP Pro, or Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 (or above).

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