To better succeed at their missions, state and local governments are incorporating enterprise applications and mobile technologies — especially laptops — across their organizations. While those technologies help improve services and productivity and lower taxpayer costs, storing an ever-growing amount of sensitive agency data on mobile devices also increases the risk of accidental and intentional data loss.

Data breaches can hurt not just state and local governments but thousands, or even millions, of the people they serve. Recent research found that U.S. data breaches averaged $7 million apiece and over $200 per compromised data record — meaning state and local government data breaches can quickly reach budget-busting costs. Additionally, lost or stolen laptops accounted for more than one-third of data breaches in 2009, making securing information on these devices an essential element of these governments’ security and compliance strategies.

Protecting themselves from data breaches and cyber attacks has thus become a critical priority for both state and local governments and their partners.

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December 31, 2010

January 26, 2015