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The following Dell laptops contain Trusted Platform Modules

Dell Latitude™ Notebooks and Tablets: with X5 Platforms:

E4200 Notebook
E4300 Notebook
E5400 Notebook
E5500 Notebook
E6400 Notebook
E6400 ATG Notebook
XFR E6400 Notebook
E6500 Notebook

XT Tablet Notebook
XT2 Tablet Notebook
XFR Tablet Notebook

D410 Notebook
D420 Notebook
D430 Notebook
D530 Notebook
D531 Notebook
D610 Notebook
D620 Notebook
D630 Notebook
D631 Notebook
D810 Notebook
D820 Notebook
D830 Notebook
10 Secure Tablet
E7240 Notebook
E7440 Notebook
E6440 Notebook
E6540 Notebook
E5440 Notebook
E5540 Notebook
3330 Notebook
3440 Notebook
3540 Notebook
Dell Mobile Precision™ Notebooks and Tablets: Mobile Precision™ Workstations with X5 Platforms:

M2400 Notebook
M4400 Notebook
M6400 Notebook

M3800 Workstation
M4800 Workstation
M6800 Workstation
Dell Precision™ Desktops and Notebooks: Precision™ Desktops with X5 Platforms:

T3500 Desktop
T5500 Desktop
T7500 Desktop
M65 Notebook
M90 Notebook
M4300 Notebook
M6300 Notebook

R7610 Desktop
T3610 Desktop
T5610 Desktop
T7610 Desktop
T1700 Desktop


Dell Optiplex™ Desktops: Optiplex™ Desktops with X5 Platforms:

740 Desktop
745 Desktop
760 Desktop
960 Desktop
GX620 Corporate Desktop

3011AIO Desktop
XE2 Desktop
9020 AIO Desktop
9020 Desktop
3020 Desktop

Dell Vostro™ Notebooks:

1220 Notebook
1320 Notebook
1520 Notebook
1720 Notebook