What is compliance?

Organizations must meet industry-wide government requirements for data management, including storage, archiving, encryption, and retrieval. These requirements are intended to prevent data theft and preserve consumer privacy. They often mandate specific controls, corporate compliance programs, audits, public disclosures (“notice of breach”), and stiff penalties—from fines to prison time—for noncompliance.

If your organization falls victim to a security breach and you can’t prove that you were in compliance when it happened, you will be considered negligent. In addition to fines or criminal prosecution, you could face lawsuits, negative publicity, and loss of business.

Here are some of the primary areas of regulation:

Corporate accounting: SOX

Health care: HIPAA and HITECH

Credit and debit transactions: PCI

Government: FISMA and VPAT

Europe: DPA

The regulations are overwhelming and costly

Compliance is a major concern because of the increasing number and complexity of the regulations, as well as the expense they can entail—in the form of investment in new technologies and management. In the United States alone, there are more than 8,500 state and federal regulations concerning records management and notice of breach, plus voluntary standards. A 2011 study of multinational companies found the average cost of compliance to be more than $3.5 million.

Wave’s solution: start with the device

The Wave approach to the compliance challenge is twofold:

First, we offer serious security that’s confirmed, not assumed. Regulators won’t take your word for it. We use your existing hardware to more or less equip each and every device with its own data protection system. That can mean both strong two-factor authentication and automatic encryption.

This gives you unprecedented yet straightforward monitoring of and control over exactly who has access to your data, with what devices, over what networks. Detailed logs record it all—and show that you were in compliance at any given time. Proving compliance to an auditor can be as easy as clicking “print.”

Second, we keep it simple to keep costs down. Again, we start with the devices you already have. We can do that because our products are based on an open standard that’s already been implemented on 600 million–plus laptops and is now working its way onto mobile devices. Our software may be all you need to tame the compliance monster.

Our products are also designed to make managing your security—and your compliance—refreshingly straightforward. Usually, you can do all your management, monitoring, and reporting through a single console. Preconfigured security policies mean you can be in compliance as soon as our software is installed. It all adds up to less time, less staff.

For these reasons, total cost of ownership for Wave can be almost half that of a traditional software-based system that may not even prove you are in compliance—never mind protect your data.

Heads-up: Wave supports Windows 8

Windows 8 will be offering important new security features. You’ll upgrade eventually. With Wave you can protect your data better—and reach compliance—right now, by taking advantage of the security hardware you already have. And when you make the transition to Windows 8, it will be seamless.