McLean, Virginia
May 12, 2014

WidePoint Corporation (NYSE Mkt: WYY), a leading provider of secure, cloud-based, enterprise-wide Managed Mobility Services (MMS) featuring Cybersecurity and Telecommunications Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions, and Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX), the leading company for managing Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), today announced a collaboration that will enable WidePoint to secure digital certificates within a TPM on customer devices. The solution strongly binds certificates to an identity and protects the certificate private key within a TPM hardware module.

WidePoint’s Certificate-on-Device enables an enterprise to attain a greater level of network security than user authentication alone by ensuring that only authorized devices connect to its infrastructure. The digital certificates should be protected within a hardware security boundary; for business-class PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is the most widely deployed hardware module capable of protecting certificate private keys with a high level of confidence. Virtually every business laptop today has a TPM: according to the Trusted Computing Group, hundreds of millions of PCs have shipped with a TPM chip.

“We believe the TPM is the best way to secure device identities for networks,” said Wave CEO Bill Solms, “and Wave’s TPM-based security solutions protect the keys associated with each certificate. By integrating this capability through its collaboration with Wave, WidePoint has another means to deliver to its customers the foundation of a best-in-class federated identity solution and give organizations the capability of knowing which devices are seeking access to their network, easily determine which users and devices are trusted, and define levels of access.”

WidePoint CTO Dan Turissini said, “Using the TPM to generate and protect digital certificates’ private keys provides a higher level of confidence that the endpoint and its user are authorized for access than is available with any other multi-factor authentication solution.” Mr. Turissini continued: “Enterprises face a much higher risk of compromise if they do not adequately implement and protect strong credentials. Wave’s CSP’s unique accessibility to the cryptographic capabilities of existing customer devices that have TPMs allows for an expanded distribution of a federated identity ecosystem quickly and on a large scale.”

“WidePoint’s expertise in cybersecurity and mobility gives our Managed Mobility Services customers higher assurance security solutions that can protect them not only from today’s known threats, but also from the many as-yet uncovered threats and vulnerabilities that are exploited due to the proliferation of usernames and passwords,” said Steve L. Komar, CEO & Chairman of WidePoint Corporation. “Enabling our customers to leverage widely distributed existing TPMs for private key protection helps them avoid the cost and retrofit of additional hardware to accomplish this.”

WidePoint Q&A with Wave CEO Bill Solms — Monday, May 12, 2014

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