Orlando, FL
September 11, 2013

(The Trusted Computing Conference, Section 207) Digital Management Inc. (DMI), a leading provider of mobile enterprise solutions and services, and Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX), the leading Trusted Computing software company, announced a partnership to offer government and commercial enterprises a range of trusted computing solutions to better secure mobile environments. Under the terms of this partnership, DMI and Wave will develop, market, and deliver Trusted Computing-based security solutions for the mobile enterprise centered on Wave's groundbreaking Trusted Computing product suite.


DMI/Wave offerings include:

Ultra Secure Tablet: Enterprise-grade management and security for tablets. Trusted computing security enables strong second-factor authentication for network access, always-on encryption, and eliminates the need for extra passwords and is currently offered for Windows 7 and Window 8 devices.

Virtual Smartcard: More secure device, app, WiFi, and wired network access control, without the need for an extra piece of hardware. Utilizes the on-board Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for hardware-based security and available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices.

Enterprise Device Identity and Integrity: Prevents malicious intruders from accessing networks by knowing what devices are on it and how healthy they are. Eliminates device spoofing and the use of stolen credentials. Prevents compromised devices from accessing the network and meets emerging NIST guidelines for BIOS integrity.

DMI/Wave solutions are offered as installed solutions or managed services, supported 24x7 through DMI's Managed Mobile Service Centers.

DMI, a leader in trusted computing and mobile enterprise solutions, sets international standards within the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), develops advanced security architectures for some of the largest IT manufacturers in the world, and applies security strategies, R&D and develops enterprise solutions for customers like the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army.

Wave is the leading Trusted Computing software company, with over 10 years experience spearheading the industry's shift to hardware-based security across the IT landscape. Like DMI, Wave helps set the international standards in the TCG. Wave consistently applies those standards in first-to-market products for enterprises seeking better security.


Jay Sunny Bajaj, DMI founder and CEO said: "Enterprises are keenly aware of the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and the catastrophic results of a major compromise. Trusted Computing offers greater protection for networks and endpoints over other solutions on the market because the security is built into the devices themselves. We're proud to be joining forces with Wave, one of the true pioneers in Trusted Computing. Together we can offer a full range of highly secure solutions for the mobile enterprise, all based on off-the-shelf hardware."

Steven Sprague, Wave CEO said: "DMI has a well-earned reputation for successfully delivering large-scale, mission-critical projects throughout the federal government and large commercial enterprises. As one of the pre-eminent mobile solutions providers -- and the only one with deep trusted computing expertise -- formalizing a partnership with DMI was a natural step for both sides. Our partnership will prove especially helpful for large-scale deployment opportunities where customers are interested in advanced mobile security capabilities enabled by Trusted Computing standards."

About DMI:
DMI offers the world's most comprehensive set of mobile enterprise solutions and services, including Mobile Strategy, Mobile Application Solutions, Managed Mobility Services and integrated Big Data solutions. DMI has developed more than 400 enterprise mobile app solutions in the past 12 months and has more than 500,000 devices under management for global commercial and federal clients. Recently-awarded contracts at DISA, USDA, FAA, and the USCG make DMI the largest provider of mobile enterprise solutions to the federal government.DMI is headquartered in Bethesda MD, with satellite and project offices around the world. The company has been named one of the 50 Best Places to Work in the Washington DC area by the Washington Business Journal, and has been awarded Inc. Magazine's Hire Power Award as one of the top 100 Private Job Creators in the US. Additional information is available at

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