Joseph Souren
Monday, January 21, 2013

Research from IT recruitment consultancy Robert Half Technology has brought up an all too familiar story – CIOs are not testing the security credentials of their cloud vendor.

The latest figures suggest that 55% of the CIOs surveyed haven't tested the security procedures that their cloud vendor provides, despite the threat of expensive retrospective action.

Similarly, recent research has revealed that fewer than half of CIOs test cloud security systems and procedures. At the same time, the survey, conducted by risk consulting firm Protiviti, reported that 84% of respondents were concerned about cyber security.

This reveals a contradiction: why do CIOs care about cyber security, and yet not exercise measures to ensure data safety within the cloud?

This suggests that a significant trust in cloud vendors exists which may not be wholly warranted. Cloud storage has become increasingly prevalent in today’s market, with enterprises quick to embrace the benefits.

However, there are vulnerabilities in the current model of uploading information, and then trusting third parties to apply the proper privacy, security and authentication policies.