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● Why passwords aren’t enough to protect data
● How to improve security with two-factor authentication
● How virtual smart cards can give the same security at less than half the cost of tokens
● Use cases and practical examples of two-factor authentication

Today, you can be anywhere in the world on any type of device and still connect to your company’s resources. The flipside of this flexibility is that a password, which can be stolen, sniffed, shoulder surfed or otherwise easily obtained, is not sufficient anymore.

Using two authentication factors increases the security of a user credential. In addition to a PIN or password (something you “know”), there are factors like smart cards (something you “have”) or fingerprint readers (something you “are”).

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. Smart cards require a PC, tablet or smartphone with a smart card reader, and biometrics require a fingerprint reader. Solutions can also be insufficiently secure, very expensive, or inconvenient to use.

Virtual smart cards present a secure, cost-effective alternative. By using the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a security chip already inside laptops and tablets, virtual smart cards securely create and protect user credentials. Because it’s built into the device, the virtual smart card doesn’t require a smart card reader, and users can authenticate securely with just their devices – no smart cards, tokens, readers, or other extras.

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Presenter: Boudewijn Kiljan, Chief Technology Officer - EMEA, Wave Systems Corp.
Mr. Kiljan defines Wave’s technology roadmap in EMEA, and supports Wave’s large scale deployments, identity management, cryptography and other security-related matters. He is a firm believer in Trusted Computing technology and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), having designed and implemented the world’s largest TPM deployment to date. Mr. Kiljan has a Master’s degree in Information Security from the Technical University of Eindhoven.

April 29, 2015 -
13:00 to 14:00