Password is unknown.


Self-encrypting drive’s expected behavior is to prevent access to a drive if the correct password cannot be provided.

If the drive is inaccessible due to an incorrect or forgotten password, please contact Dell support (1-800-873-1420).


User Account Name is unknown.


Please contact Wave support for further assistance.


Domain/Computer name was changed or machine added to a Domain after the drive was initialized.


The original computer name or domain must be provided along with the username in the Username field of the Drive Authentication Screen in the following format: ‘original computer name\User’ or ‘Domain\User’.
It is possible that the correct computer name is listed in the domain field; however both must be entered in the username field to successfully access the drive.

Once the drive is accessible, un-initialize the drive and re-initialize under the new computer name or domain. 



If the information provided above did not resolve your issue or you have any additional questions, please complete our Support Request Form

Applies To: 

Dell EMBASSY Trust Suite, Dell ControlPoint, Dell Data Protection and Wave software versions.