End of Support for Windows XP

As of 04/08/14 Microsoft’s support for Windows XP will end.  For further details from Microsoft, please see the Windows lifecycle fact sheet at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/lifecycle

*** NOTICE:  Wave Trusted Drive Security must be disabled prior to upgrading the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 (or above) ***

1.  Backup Data

If managing Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Document Manager Vault or Private Information Manager (PIM):

  • Backup TPM data using the Archive and Restore process within Dell Control Point (DCP) or Dell Data Protection Access (DDPA)
  • Backup Private Information Manager (PIM) data.
  • Backup Document Manager Vault Data Backup

2.  Remove Security Configurations

If currently running Embassy Security Center (ESC) or Dell Control Point (DCP):

  • Disable Secure Windows Logon from within the Windows Login tab. 
  • Clear any Pre-boot / BIOS passwords (Administrator or System). 
  • For locally managed drives, click ‘Manage’ within the Trusted Drive tab window and select Uninitialize.
  • For remotely managed drives, perform the uninitialization from the Embassy Remote Administration Server (ERAS).

If currently running Dell Data Protection Access (DDPA):

  • For locally managed drives, issue a ‘Reset System’ from the Advanced tab.  This will prompt for the Trusted Drive Administrator password and any other system passwords to be cleared.  Once all the necessary passwords are entered and the Reset System has completed, the Trusted Drive Security will be disabled.  If the Reset System fails, the drive will need to be manually uninitialized by clicking on the Advanced tab > Devices > Self-Encrypting Drive > Manage > click ‘disable’ Data Protection.
  • For remotely managed drives, perform the uninitialization from the Embassy Remote Administration Server (ERAS).    

3.  Uninstall DCP, DDPA or ESC-TDE.

4.  Perform the Windows 7 (or above) upgrade.

5.  Install DCP, DDPA or ESC-TDE.

6.  Restore Document Manager, PIM and TPM DATA

  • Restore your TPM Keys using the Archive and Restore procedure
  • Restore Document Manager Vault Data
  • Restore PIM Data

7.  Inintialize Self-Encrypting Drive from within DCP, DDPA or ESC-TDE if locally managed or from ERAS if remotely managed.

Also see:  Windows 7 Upgrade Procedure for Machines with Security Manager at http://www.wave.com/support/windows-7-upgrade-procedure-machines-security-manager