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In an era of hackers becoming more common and skillful, breakthroughs in security technology are essential.
The hack that resulted in the theft of information on 4 million government employees didn't need to happen. We had plenty of warning and next to nothing was done.
eSignSystems, a division of Wave Systems Corp (WAVX),  provides lifecycle management of electronically signed, legally binding documents, legal contracts and digital transactions.
According to Microsoft, Necurs is spreading quickly and has deemed the rootkit a “prevalent threat.” Distributed mostly by drive-by downloads, the Necrus outbreak reinforces Wave’s stance that secu
Interview with William Solms Position:  Chief executive of Wave Systems, a cybersecurity company.
The deadline is just around the corner. Next week the I.R.S. will begin accepting electronically signed 4506-T forms.
Security vendor Damballa Labs has discovered a new variant of the TDSS/TDL4 malware that has apparently hit about 250,000 unique victims and at least 46 Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies