Self-encrypting drive + Wave = automatic, fully-managed encryption
SanDisk self-encrypting drives (SEDs) not only offer industry-standard encryption, they also have less impact on system performance than software encryption, and can be incorporated efficiently as
Wave’s EMBASSY Trust Suite is a suite of security products that secure endpoints by providing strong authentication, data at rest protection, and endpoint health verification.
In 2013, Forrester Research found that as many as 61% of all data breaches were caused by an insider.   Is your security program equipped to prevent that?
Each of your laptops and desktops are literally moving targets and, until they are secure against attack, your business intelligence, reputation and bottom line are at risk.
Wave provides comprehensive remote management of BitLocker® encryption so you don’t have to become an expert. Automate your BitLocker® Encryption Wave for BitLocker Management provides a full set...
The Wave Mobility Pro - Tablet Edition combines elements of Wave’s award-winning, vendor-neutral suite of products to address the enterprise’s most pressing question: how to secure mobile workers w
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