John Mello
Computer Training Schools
Monday, December 8, 2014

As cautious as some people are about their web browsing habits, they throw that caution to the wind when it comes to managing their passwords. This was apparent in a survey of some 1,000 Internet users performed for by Op4G. Survey results found nearly two out of three people in the sample, 64 percent, said they practice so-called "safe web browsing practices," while at the same time admitting they write their passwords down and use the same password across multiple sites, both critical security risks advised against by various cybersecurity experts and organizations.

John Fitzgerald, CTO of Wave Systems Corp., an endpoint data protection company, points out "writing" can mean different things to different people. "When they said they recorded a password, did they stick it into an Excel spreadsheet?" he said. "If they did, is it on a computer protected by anti-virus software or on one infected with a keylogger that's stealing the passwords as they're typed?"

"It's never a great idea to write down your passwords and stick them under your keyboard, but there are worse ways to expose your passwords," he added.