William Jackson
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — The Trusted Computing Group, an industry security standards organization, is celebrating its 10th anniversary at this week's RSA security conference.

Best known for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip, the organization more recently has published specs for integrating network security information into the government's Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP).  Sessions at its conference workshop will focus on network security trends and data protection in a rapidly changing IT landscape.

"Sophisticated, targeted threats and the challenges of mobile devices are two ends of the security spectrum," said Wave Systems' Brian Berger, a TCG board member.

With the number of user endpoints on the Internet being measured in the billions — many of them untethered wireless devices — building security into those devices and enabling secure network access controls is becoming an imperative.

"The definition of mobile and mobility has changed, and that changes the context of security," Berger said. "Security has to catch up."