Your SanDisk drive automatically encrypts all data written to it and decrypts data read from it. Without an application to limit and control access to the encrypted data, however, your drive, in essence, functions the same as a standard drive.

Leverage the drive’s encryption capabilities, securing your data against theft or loss by following the steps outlined below.

STEP 1  Claim your copy of EMBASSY Security Center (ESC)* free drive security management included with your drive.

Click here for Wave EMBASSY Security Center (ESC), and enter your Coupon Code (Promo Code) in the Shopping Cart exactly as shown on the SanDisk SSD Dashboard. (The Coupon Code is case sensitive and can be found when you mouse over the Wave logo in the SanDisk SSD Dashboard application.) A download link and product key will be emailed to you once you click submit.

STEP 2  Turn on the free, local management included with your drive.

After downloading, install Wave EMBASSY Security Center (ESC) and enter your product key from the email in Step 1. Click the EMBASSY Security Center Desktop icon or go to "All Programs > Security by Wave Systems" to launch ESC. To manage your SanDisk SE-SSD, select the Trusted Drive tab or access Help within the application for more information.

EMBASSY Security Center (ESC) manages drive security features including: Self-encrypting drive initialization and locking, user provisioning, Windows password synchronization and single-sign-on, plus ‘crypto-erase’ (secure drive decommissioning).

ESC provides a single user with the tools to manage the drive's encryption and security features. However, if you are from a small/medium business or enterprise environment, please read on...

STEP 3 Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Wave Cloud 2014 (for multiple drive environments)

Click here to request a free 30-day trial of Wave Cloud 2014**

For businesses with multiple self-encrypting drives needing a streamlined method to manage compliance and execute IT tasks such as user password recovery, Wave Cloud 2014 is the fastest and easiest way to get there.  With Wave Cloud 2014, there is no need to manage on-site servers, whether you're doing a small proof-of-concept or a full-blown production deployment.  Click Wave Cloud 2014 for more information.

* EMBASSY Security Center version 2.11.1 supports Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, and Vista. Wave validates platforms which can be ordered with an SED from the PC manufacturer and other platforms on a case-by-case basis.  Click here for platform compatibility information. If you need specific details as to whether a specific platform is supported or has been validated by Wave, please check with your Wave sales representative.

** Certain terms and conditions will apply

NOTE: The Coupon Code is case-sensitive. Please enter exactly as shown. 

The Coupon Code is valid for the price of 1 license per order. Please place a separate order for each drive purchased to obtain the software at no cost. If you have ordered more than 3 drives, please call 1.877.228.9283 or Contact Us for a simplified bulk distribution solution. SanDisk is not responsible for products provided by or offers made by Wave System Corp.